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Halal Drum Stick

Hand Slaughtered . These all-natural Halal Chicken Drumsticks come in 1 pound packages and are great..

Halal Chicken Quarter LEG

Halal organic chicken quarters. These are the legs of the chicken. Marinate overnight and BBQ or gri..

Halal Chicken Thigh

Halal Chicken Thighs. sold in 1 pound packages. These all-natural, boneless, skinless, Hal..

Halal Cow Feet


Halal Veal Liver

<p>Sold one pound per order. $3.99/lbs</p>

Halal Whole Chicken Skinless

Whole Chicken Skinless, Sold 1 pound. These chickens are gluten free, all natural, and hormone and s..
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